The company

The company, Arnold & Arnold was formed from the 
collaboration of skills they have accumulated over 
the years. 
In 1979, Arnold & Arnold was established and very 
soon became respected as a leader in their industry, 
working for both domestic and commercial customers
throughout the southeast.
Since then, the company have ventured into the design 
and building of luxury homes and are fast gaining a 
reputation among its customers, for its ability to 
consisently produce a high level of quality, detail and 
craftsmanship in all phases of construction.
From the very beginning, the Arnold & Arnold 
philosophy, as it is now, has been to create an 
unparalleled reputation for service within their industry

Forging a Surfacing Reputation since 1979

Arnold & Arnold is a " hands-on" company, known for 
its reputation for quality in fine surfacing since 1979. 
They recognise the increasing demand for decorative 
finishes and functional surfaces,including hot sprayed 
"Tar and Chip" surfacing (also known as "Surface Dressing"), 
available in colourd granite and shingle/gravel aggregates, 
all of which are suitable for either domestic or commercial 
uses, such as, paths, driveways, tennis courts and private